Monday, 17 May 2010

This is my other garment suggestion for my second final design.

Garment suggestions for final two designs..

Here is my final garment suggestion for my design.

Tutorial two..

Alex looked through my images that i had created so far and guided me in what changes i should make. He did advise me to use more colour maybe use colour from the family photographs i had used. He also shown me a few more techniques that i could use that would fit in with my ideas.

Tutorial one..

In my first tutorial alex had a look at what my inspiration was and what ideas i had to experiment with in photoshop. He guided me into using photographs from my family life to have some input of my own identity. Maybe to add more colour to my images too and just experiment with all the different techniques we had been shown in cad lesson.
This is another one i liked as it is different to the others it is more like a repeat.
I really liked this one too, i think it stands out from all the others as it is floral and not iconic like most of my other designs.
This is the second image i used to do my final garment with, i thought this was one of my best ones to.